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Are sequels ever as good as the original movies?

by Carolyn Hopping (follow)
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As with literature, there is often much debate as to whether movie sequels are ever as good as the originals. What is your opinion on this? Have you ever seen a sequel that was better than the original movie, and if so which movie was it?

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Top Answers
Usually I'd say no, sequels don't cut it, but there are some exceptions such as the original Star Wars trilogy and Back to the Future II
No, I have almost stopped going to see sequels, as somehow they are never as good as the original.

I think perhaps you become familiar with the people etc, whereas the first time you see it, it is all new and exciting.

That's the only explanation I can think of as mostly it is a let down in the sequel.
by Finy
I think Kill Bill 2 was a great sequel and possibly better than the first. But for the most part, I would say no.
Usually no - Terminator 2 being the exception. I also like Hunger Games 2 more than the first, which was a little dumbed down...Die hard 4 is better than the rest...(well, maybe tied with the first)
I agree, Hunger Games 2 was much better than the first
by EricaL
Rarely does the sequel outshine the original. All too often a sequel rehashes the same story line or the same jokes, just look at the Austin Powers series for proof of that. There are exceptions, as mentioned the Terminator franchise, but as a general rule the first movie is the best movie.
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