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Are you into haunted house horror?

by DamienR (follow)
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A trailer was just released for a new Amityville horror movie dubbed Amityville: The Awakening. This is the twelfth movie based on the supposed real-life haunted house and it’s not the only franchise to feature homes who house malicious spirits. Do you enjoy the Amityville movies? Or any haunted house films? Which ones?

Amityville The Awakening starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Cameron Monaghan, Taylor Spreitler, Bella Thorne and Mckenna Grace

Here’s the trailer for the new Amityville flick, but heed my warning, it is really creepy!

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Top Answers
Yes, I loved the Amityville Horror book and the movies. I particularly enjoy this style of films as it has an element of truth. I have seen spirits and have no doubt they exist, so haunted house films really scare me! I really enjoyed The Conjuring which was also based on a true story and The Shining.
I have only watched the first one -I generally do not like sequels as they are often boring for me.

I actually quite liked this one but it was a while ago and nowadays I don't often watch horror movies so I probably would not go and see this one as did not even realise there had been so many!
by Finy
No, but as a kid I watched a lot of Vincent Price movies (pre DVD days, you just watched what was on) and I got into his schlocky horror a bit. Not now tho...but I still have a huge fondness for Christopher Lee, and I'm sure it's from back then too...
I don't think I have ever liked any haunted house horror films, but then I'm not keen on most horror filsm in any sub-genre.
I like horror movies, but haunted house stories creep me right out. I usually find horror flicks to be either cheesy or cool, but they usually don't actually scare me. Haunted house movies when done right however, can scare me.
I used to watch a lot of haunted house horror movies but not so much now. Old favourites were the Poltergeist series and a little recently, The Woman in Black - that was freaky.
The stage production was much better, I think!
by donjo
I'll give it a BIG miss, thanks.
Definitely not! It scares the livin' daylights outta me! This, is, of course, what it's meant to do! But that only happens when the cast, crew & Director are good.

The film that I was scared witless in, & it was a sort of 'haunted house', ie Pyramid, was 'The Awakening', with Charlton Heston, & Stephanie Zimbalist. To this day, I've not seen it in its' entirety!
As long as it is not a "found footage" movie, I love horror.
NO, to scary for me!
by Miro
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