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Do you go to the cinema by yourself?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Going to the cinema is very much a social activity, but if there is a film you want to watch that no one else will go to see with you, would you go on your own?

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I was about to say, I've never been to the cinema alone. But, then I remembered that I have! I watched Avatar alone at the cinemas. Nobody wanted to go with me. Bastards, lol. I enjoyed the film but had nobody to talk to about it afterwards. For that reason, I've never been back alone.
by Vee
That's an excellent question!
I often think I want to see a movie, and my mother once said "you are watching the movie -you do not need someone with you as you cannot talk anyway" or words to that effect.

I agree totally however somehow I always find an excuse to not go and see a movie on my own.

I have gone a few times and feel a bit awkward, almost as if people are staring at me because I am on my own.

Logically I know this is stupid!

However I have not been alone for a long time -perhaps it IS more enjoyable with someone, but as I love staying home, any excuse seems to be good.
by Finy
It is a bit illogical, isn't it. The only thing I can put it down to is that I enjoy talking about it on the way home.
Exactly, Bryony.
by Vee
I want to go and see TMNT, but no one else I know wants to see it. I am currently debating whether I'll go by myself. I don't know why, but it just isn't as enjoyable by yourself, even though you're not actually interacting with your buddy during the film.
I'll go with 'yes' to this question because I've been to the cinema with my newborn, sleeping in his carrier, so really, I would count that as going by myself. I'd definitely go again too while the little one is young enough to sleep through a movie.
Of course! Doesn't worry me at all going by myself. Same goes for attending Theatre performances.
If I didn't go by myself, I'd be house-bound, & I've no intention of doing that!
The advantage to me is I can go when it suits me, & have a bite to eat pre- or post movie.

On the rare occasion, I can go with someone, it's very enjoyable, though!
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