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Do you still go to the theatre to see movies?

by DamienR (follow)
Photographer and writer.
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Going to the theatre used to be an event. People would round up their friends or schedule a date night with their love for a night at the theatre. Now movies go to DVD only a month or two after the theatre release and the cost of going to the theatre is constantly rising. Is it still worth the cost and bother to go to the theatres to see a new release, or would you rather wait until it becomes available on DVD or on Demand?

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I love going to the cinema but haven't been for ages. My eldest son is almost 4 and I'm looking forward to taking him for his first experience. There's something more all consuming about a big screen rather than the distractions of your home.
I love how going to the cinema is an experience, particularly for kids. I'll never forget my first movie at the theatre, Batman starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.
I go very rarely, only for special occasions. The last time was to see the last Harry Potter movie and next will likely be the new Star Wars movie once it's released.
My husband and I go rarely, but we do enjoy seeing films at the cinema. Last movie I saw was 'The Other Woman' with my mother in law. We had a couple of laughs, but I wouldn't buy the DVD or see it again.
by Vee
Pretty much every weekend! I love going to the movies!
My aunt is the same way, I'm pretty she sees the majority of movies in theatres.
We sneak off by ourselves and hand over the kids in the foyer before the next one goes in...so by the end of the day, both of us have had some time out and seen a movie that we talk about together after...does mean going to the video shop is a problem though...
That's an awesome way to be able to get some 'alone time' and also feel like you're getting a date night. Very cool!
Yes, my bf and I make it a point to visit the cinema at least once every 3 months - it's one of those luxurious things that we cant afford on a daily basis, but still feels good to splurge on every once in a while.
I love the movie-going experience. It is too bad that the cost of watching a movie has become so horrendous that it has to be reserved for very special movies. I sometimes watch a movie on my own in a matinee session when it is cheaper, but it has to be a movie that has special effects.
I love the cinema and going to the movies is something I really enjoy; the whole experience from the popcorn to the surround sound viewing. The cost is off putting, and is why I don't go as often as I'd like.
Me and my husband love going for movies, but go for it only occasionally here. Last movie we saw was Maleficient, where the big screen does justice to the movie. When we lived in India, we went more often, especially the late night shows.
First movie I can remember seeing was 'Gigi' at the local picture theatre with my parents'.
We also used to go to the 'Drive-In', every Friday night.
As a teenager, went to the 'flicks' of a Saturday arvo, constantly. There were good movies made during the '60's.

Now, I'd be lucky if I saw ONE movie a year! Last one I saw was 'The King's Speech'! Loved it!
Might go & see 'the Woman in Gold' 'cos Dme Helen Mirren's in it, & I enjoy her acting.
Our local art gallery shows the same movie 3 times a week, on different days, at different times. A person can pay $30 a YEAR, to see 1 film a week, except during the school holidays. They’re wonderful award winning films, mostly foreign
films. because we’re 'Friends' of the gallery, we get to see the films, for $20 a year! before this offer came along, we’d NEVER go to the pictures! We’d only see a t.v. movie. 1 year, back in about 1966, my now husband & I used to go the
drive-in once a week. I still have the tickets from those drive-in movies in a exercise book size diary, for that year! All the paperclips have rusted now!

Sorry, that should have read, 'We get to see the films for $35 a year, as gallery members, or $40 year for non members.' We never go to the movies anywhere else, & never bother hiring DVD's.
by Miro
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