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Does a movie’s rating affect your desire to watch or not a watch that film?

by DamienR (follow)
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Okay, forget about genre, actors and directors. Take a look at your movie watching habits. Do you tend towards a particular rating?

PG-13 Movie Rating as per the MPAA

Although many countries have their own rating system, most follow similar principles: G is for everyone, PG for parental guidance, PG-13 is the same thing but kids must be 13 or older, A is for adult only and R is restricted.

How about it, do ratings affect your viewing habits?

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Top Answers
Not at all, I always focus on the story. If the story is good, it won't matter to me if a movie is geared towards an adult audience, a kids audience or everyone.
I only watch movies based on my interest in the storyline or content. I'm proud to say I haven't seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies - it just doesn't interest me, so I won't be swayed in paying money to see something which is based on peer pressure or a rating system. Nor do I see a movie or watch a show based on who the actors are.
No I don't think so. Good question!

I watch movies that I am interested in, and not whether they are rated as anything. The only movies I do not like are violence/action/superhero however the classifications in Australia anyway, do not show these unless they are really violent when I guess they would be Adults only.

As for ratings, yes, I do take notice of this if you mean like they have won an Oscar or whatever -i am more likely to see a film if it has won a lot of awards, however not sure if this is also what you mean in the question.
by Finy
Yes the rating matters to us. We would not bother watching anything rated or AV (Rated adult for violence). Nor would we watch R or X.
Before today, I would have answered "no", without giving it too much thought..... but my husband has just pointed out to me that although we own a lot of dvds, only TWO of them are 18 rated. It's not deliberate, so I guess there must be something subconsciously directing us away from adult films!
No not at all, unless I'm taking the kids
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