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Fox sells superhero rights back to Marvel, but what does it mean for the MCU?

by DamienR (follow)
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UPDATE: Yup, I fell for an April fools joke months after it was posted. Nothing below is actually happening, just so you know ;)

Things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe just changed profoundly. Fans have been screaming for team-ups like The Wolverine and Spider-man or The Fantastic Four and Ant-Man. Many of these team-ups were not possible because Marvel no longer owned the film rights to all their characters. A number of years ago Marvel sold the film right to the Fantastic Four and the X-men to Fox, and sold Spider-man to Sony. Now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become such a he success, Marvel obviously wants those right back. Some success has just been announced. Fox is selling the X-men and Fantastic Fours back to Marvel after the release of the next Fantastic Four movie. This could mean tons of good things for Marvel and fans of Marvel but it doesn’t mean that Marvel will keep the same actors in their current roles. Marvel also has a huge movie line-up in the works. It’s possible that Marvel may shelve the franchise until their current line-up is done.

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What do you think, is this exciting news, or not so much? Is here a particular team-up or battle you would be excited to see?

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Top Answers
Since I have no interest in Marvel characters, it really doesn't make a difference to me one way or the other.
Personally, I think this is huge! I have two concerns: that Disney may not be able to keep the same actors - I love Patrick Stewart as Prof. Xavier - and more importantly that Disney has a history of ignoring any racial aspects of a story and the X-men story has always a story about racial prejudice. Taking that away from the story takes away from the characters, and demeans the lesson the writers were trying to teach our youth as they read the comics or watched the movie.
You are aware that this was an April Fools joke right?
Hahaha, well...I know now. Oh interwebs, how I love and hate you all at the same time. Thanks for pointing it out :s
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