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Have you seen silent films?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Before 1927, films did not have sound, and I have never seen these shown on TV, although are sometimes screened at specialist cinemas. Have you seen any silent films, and if so, where did you see them, and what were they?

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Top Answers
I've seen a couple of silent films at uni. You can check this one out on Youtube, Broken Blossoms (1919). After a while, you forget that it's silent.
by Vee
I saw a numbr of silent films when I was studying film at university. Among them I saw Metropolis, M, and a few films by George Lumiere
I have only seen them on t.v. and they were quite different.
Charlie Chaplin was in most of them, and well what can I say the man was pure genius.

But we also have to remember one thing. they did a lot of their own stunts!
I probably wouldn't have by choice but I had to watch a few for uni and quite enjoyed some of them. I loved Buster Keaton (the man did all his own stunts like Jackie Chan!), a few Russian ones, and Bryony's comment reminds me also some Lumiere, Metropolis and M. Metropolis was interesting. It was one of George Lucas' influences.
.. thankfully some of them do miss out on storyline too, not only on sound. As someone on your blog have mentioned Russian cinema from those days,it is definitely highly recommended, French and German were very up to date in that style. Dziga Vertov's "Man with a Movie Camera" would be one of my favourites, soundtrack for the movie is phenomenal, comes from original piano score written by Vertov, René Clair, would be from the French side and Hans Richter, Germany. All of them were truly influential artists, as being told those films are films made for FILM, mostly visual, very experimental. All of them can be seen online, or maybe on MUBI.com? Also I am sure London offers occasional screenings in some independent cinemas. Enjoy, they are worth exploration! ..
Seen a lot of the old comedy shows with Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton et al.
Have seen snippets of 'Metropolis' & thought it was great for its' time!
Yes, I have and all i can remember is Charlie Chaplin.
by Finy
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