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How many sequels are too many?

by DamienR (follow)
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Unlike TV, movies are meant to be fully contained stories with a beginning, middle, and end. This is, of course, until there is a sequel, and then another sequel and another. Star Wars is about to hit seven and planning on many, many more, Marvel is also going sequel crazy right now, and so have Fox with the X-men, but when is enough, enough?

Star Wars

So how many is too many? Are there ever too many?

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Top Answers
Rarely do I like a sequel more than the first in a movie series. The one big exception is Star Wars. A New Hope was awesome and I could watch it on a loop until the end of days, but I will always love The Empire Strikes Back more. When it comes to sequels, it all depends on the story for me, I may not like The Naked Gun 2 and a half more than the original, but it was still a good movie, and I'm okay with it. Other franchises like Ace Ventura and Austin Powers, they should have stuck with one. If a sequel is just a rehash of the original, then don't bother.
If they can do a really brilliant job each time...sadly that is not the case.
The last 'Raiders' was such a Flop!
I have a feeling it is harder than it would seem, to keep a Story going, time after time.
Certainly was the case with 'Raiders' total disappointment from start to finish.
There are even rumours that there will be another Indy movie, or at least that Harrison Ford wants to make another one. After the Crystal Skull, I kind of hoped that it was done.
For me, one sequel is always one too many.

Even with comedies, the first one is always so funny, yet for some reason the sequels are not as funny.

I rarely go to see sequels anymore because I have been disappointed so often.
by Finy
It depends on the movie series, for example Harry Potter I think worked well. Star Wars, I hope, will not disappoint but in some ways I hoped 7 would be the last. What I find really enjoying is when 'final' movies are stretched out, for example Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 then Part 2 - that could've been done in one movie really
I actually kind of like that they are stretching long stories out. I makes more sense to me than trying to gloss over a thousand different details. It give the actors and director more time to tell the story, time they otherwise wouldn't have. Yes, it's also a money grab, but I'll pay the extra money for a well told story, where I won't for something that feels only half done.
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