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Should there be more Oz films?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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The 1939 adaptation of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is considered one of the best films of al time. But Baum wrote thirteen sequels to the original story. Would you like to see them turned into films too?

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I have only just started reading the other Oz stories, but I am enjoying them, and would really like to see them turned into films. I wouldn't want it done in the same way as the original film was made though; I'd want a more contemporary style and interpretation.
I'm with Bryony on this one. Until this question was asked, I actually had no idea there were so many Oz books. I would love to see them translated into film.
Not that many people know about the sequels. It took me a long time to even find a copy of them available.
You can get the audiobooks for free on Librivox (www.librivox.org) and a new edition of the books came out just recently with four books per volume. I picked up volume one at Angus and Robertson.
I did find on in the end. The complete collection in a big book.
I love the Oz books. I'd like to see Ozma of Oz made into a film. It's got some interesting stuff in it, like a princess who was raised as a boy (not disguised as one, she was actually turned into a boy) to hide her from her enemies.
What a lovely old book in the photo -is it yours? I collect, or used to, Wizard books.

No I do not think there should be any more of Baum's stories made into films or books or whatever.

I do not like sequels generally and the original is therefore, for me, always the best by far.
by Finy
Unfortunately, no, the cover is from Wikipedia.
Not exactly Oz, (but it's the same theme) I'd love to see Wicked made into a film, I think it would be a nice crossover.
Thirteen?! Just goes to show how much I know about the Wizard of Oz. Sure, why not? Just not thirteen of them. If they could condense the thirteen stories into a couple more films or even a miniseries, that would be cool.
by Vee
Yes, I'd love to see more Oz movies
The Wizard of Oz is timeless - I don't think any other films in the series would escape comparison so really there isn't a lot of scope for more

No thanks that's done and dusted to me..
Not at all interested.....sorry to say :(
No, I didn't know about other Oz films either. I loved the original though. When I 1st read the question, I thought it was asking about Oz as in Australian, & I was going to write that I've only seen 200 & 350 Oz (Au) movies! I can't give you a real No, because I'm misplaced my big notebook that I wrote all the titles of the ones I'd seen.
by Miro
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