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Since when was Peter in an orphanage?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Directed by Joe Wright Pan is the origin film about Peter Pan, which is due to be released in October. The premise is that Peter is kidnapped from an orphanage and taken to Neverland. This is entirely invented, as the true origin of Peter Pan is told by J.M. Barrie, and is completely different. How do you feel about this change? What is the point of an origin story if you don't even give the proper origin?

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Another controversial fact is that Tiger Lily, who is an American Indian girl not much older than Peter, is being played by Rooney Mara, a third-year old white woman. What do you think?

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When I first heard about this film a few months ago, I was cautiously optimistic and a little excited. I now see that my caution and worries were well founded. It could have been a brilliant film if it had told the story of Peter running g away from home after hearing his mother talking about him becoming a man, about his living in Kensington Garden and being taught to fly by fairies. It could then have shown him going back home, finding his window barred, feeling rejected and then flying off to Nerverland. This made up storyline, however, will completely ruin it. They also got the wrong actor for Tiger Lily; it is a disgrace not getting a Native American girl to play the part. I also do not like the look of a bald Captain Hook. My hopes have been shattered.
Tiger Lily is a slightly tricky role though. The Indians in the old Disney movie are kind of racist caricatures. Maybe they saw this as a way to avoid that.
I think this is more disrespectful to be honest.
It's funny but re-imaginings of the Peter Pan story seem to be popular just now. I've seen several books along those lines recently, including Wendy Darling and the Adventures in Neverland series, as well as the movie Zarina the Pirate Fairy, which is a prequel to do with Captain Hook's past.

I wouldn't mind seeing Pan but I think I'd rather my kids don't see it until I've had a chance to read the the original.
Oh yes, and white washing characters is not cool, but so, so common in Hollywood (see Ghost in the Shell, Avatar the Last Airbender, Irrational Man, The Lone Ranger, 47 Ronin etc.). I really wish they'd knock it off.
Out of all the Peter Pan film adaptations, the only one I have enjoyed is the Disney version. It might be because that is the only one I saw before reading the book. I also think animation can get away with more liberties than live action. Peter Pan is one of - if not my favourite book ever, so I am very critical about any deviations.
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