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Which movies are you embarrassed to say you haven't seen?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Some films are so iconic that everyone expects you to have seen them. Are there any such films you are embarrassed to say you haven't seen? Do you intend to see them at some point?

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Top Answers
I'm not a big fan or classic films, so I've skipped on things like Gone with the Wind and the original Wizard of Oz. I may watch them one day, but I have trouble watching the acting style during that time, it doesn't hold my interest.
When I asked this question, I was going to reply, saying Jurassic Park, but that same night, the film showed on TV, so I got to see it in the end. Other films I haven't seen that fall under this category include:

Psycho (seen bits and pieces, but not the whole film)
Planet of the Apes
All the Star Wars films
The Great Escape

Like dgrwriting, I also haven't seen Gone With The Wind, but I adore The Wizard of Oz.

With the exception of Terminator and Alien (which I would watch if they were on at a convenient time on TV), I am not interested in the seeing the others.
Oh! Bryony, the original 'Planet of the Apes' was voted the film with the best-ever ending! See it, if you can. It's excellent. Charlton Heston's 'gruff' voice in one scene was not 'put on'. He had a sore throat! Can't say anymore, or it'll spoil it for you! Cheers!
by donjo
I have seen the very final scene, and bits and pieces while channel flicking, but never been that interested in seeing the whole film. The makeup for it is amazing though.
There are a few of them, most of which I can't remember, but Schindler's List and Ben Hur are among them.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, you haven't seen 'Ben-Hur'! Rent it out, phone a friend, do what you have to do to watch it! And when you do, you'll understand why it won 11 Academy Awards, the most honoured film of all time!
( and b4 anyone starts howling me down re: 'Titanic's 11 AA's, it won NONE for Acting, & that beats CGI or SFX! )
by donjo
Have seen 'GWTW'. Was probably good in 1938, but it did nothing for me at all. Even Rhett Butler's famous departing line to Scarlett had to be toned down due USA 'wowserism'!

Refuse to see any film with Judy Garland. Couldn't stand her.
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