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Which movies do you think could use a gender flipped remake?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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With a new all female Ghostbusters movie being made this year, fans and writers have been talking about other movies could use the same treatment.

Which movies can you think of that might be made more interesting by having an all female (or mostly female) cast?

ghostbusters 2016, ghostbusters
Ghostbusters 2016 Poster, Village Roadshow Pictures via Google Images, Fair Use.

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Top Answers
None really. I don't like it when they mess with films like that. Instead of rehashing old films by making the characters female, why not just make a new original film starring female characters?
That would be nice, but I think this is an intersting exercise too. It allows filmmakers (and some fans) to enjoy the film they thought it should have been in the first place.
I always thought it would be funny to remake Bad Boys genderflipped but with the exact same script. Tea Leone's part would be played by her husband, David Duchovny as the dude in distress. Not sure about the leads though I would love for one of them to be Gina Torres if she was cool with running around in her sports bra in the big chase scene near the end.

Also a womaly version of Point Break, thought called Pointe Break 'cause it stars Summer Glau in the Keanu Reeves role and she's a ballerina.

I thought of another: Die Hard, starring Birgitte Hjort Sørensen from Pitch Perfect 2 as Greta Gruber (as opposed to Hans) the villain, and Anna Kendrick in the Bruce Willis role. It would change up the parts of the movie that are unfortunately sexist as is while keeping the action and fun.
I'm with Bryony on this one. I think gender swapping or race swapping characters takes away from the original intention of the character's creator. I think that intention and representation is important. I think that it's important to remember how sexist and racist certain industries have been in the past and still are today. By gender swapping or race swapping characters, it's like that industry, or some who work in that industry at least, are trying to erase past mistake. Those mistakes shouldn't be erased, they should be learned from. That can only be done by moving forward with new stories, and new characters. The television and movie industry is headed in the right direction with shows like Agent Carter and Jessica Jones in terms of sexual equality in story telling. Now, if they'd just start paying female actors as much as their male counterparts, that would be a serious accomplishment.
I don't think it is an attempt to erase past mistakes. Rather, it draws attention to them and shows what else is possible. As a general rule there are three male characters to every female one in Hollywood movies and mainstream tv shows. Remakes like this show what a movie can look like when that's reversed. Of course ideally I'd just like to see new shows and movies made with a tonne more female characters as villains, heroes, funny sidekicks showing different body types etc. But so far there's still nothing much out there like that.
Oh, and I totally agree re. paying female actors the same, of course.
Ghost busters 2016.
Was not impressed, just didn't work for me.
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