A Trip to Italy love it or hate it

A Trip to Italy love it or hate it


Posted 2014-07-06 by Lydia C. Leefollow
I went to see this film, as I liked the last one, and a big fan of Rob Brydon. I found this movie to be a total mess - they barely showed the food, there was some scenery but even that stopped by the end of the movie. There were all these little mentions of plot that never went anywhere. I found it totally confusing as to what I was meant to take away from it.
I looked up some reviews to see what people made of it, and was astounded that 89% of critics loved it.
The critics that didn't had a lot of the same issues as I did, the main one being, what's the point?
Did you love it? Why?

Wikimedia Commons Source Martinra1966 Rob Brydon at BAFTAs


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