Do you have a favourite movie thats a guilty pleasure

Do you have a favourite movie thats a guilty pleasure


Posted 2015-01-19 by Lindsay Lawfollow
I'm sure we'd all like to say our favourite film is something really worthwhile like Twelve Angry Men or Citizen Kane, but the reality for many of us is that the films we're drawn to watch again and again are films that make us feel good.

My guilty movie secret is Armageddon . On paper I should hate it: bad science and Michael Bay all in one film? I can't think of anything worse.

Armageddon 1998 film release poster Source Wikipedia

But...for some reason I just love it. I can even put up with Michael Bay's incessant explosions to watch Bruce Willis and his band of roughneck drillers save the world again. The script is brilliant (thanks, J.J. Abrams) and that helps, but it still shouldn't work. Yet for me, it really does. When Ben Affleck and the gang sing Leavin' On a Jet Plane to Liv Tyler? Pass me the tissues!

What's your favourite movie that's a bit of a guilty pleasure?


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