Sharknado Watched it

Sharknado Watched it


Posted 2014-09-01 by Mannyfollow
Have you watched Sharknado? Honestly, I wouldn't ask anyone to watch even the trailer, no matter how bored you may be!

Crappiest film ever! It is shocking that this film got 77% positive reviews and a 6.1/10 rating, despite being the best example for the worst multi-media film making, direction and editing efforts.

It has the most outrageous plot yet hyped so much that it got people interested, despite the weak premise. A freak hurricane sweeps the sea & loads of sharks on to L.A. streets. The sharks are then catapulted to homes by freak tornadoes. A team of brave survivors, knowledgeable on killing tornadoes go about the saving the day.

I sat through 10 minutes but couldn't bear to watch it any longer. Watched it again only to note as to what depths of stupidity the movie will fall to.

Ridiculous though, it may entertain kids. My suggestion is that even kids shouldn't watch this program not only because it is filled with bloodshed but also because they have a prejudiced opinion of sharks and end up spreading wrong idea of "man eating" sharks!

It is so bad that it's good and will attract kids and teens, but most viewers can easily notice many mistakes.
Check out the inconsistencies and mistakes here !

Why do film makers take the audience for granted? What this gives viewers is some mindless film where you don't follow logic but just waste 90 minutes watching blood, gore amid hilarious gut-splitting humour!


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