Spiderman to be rebootedagain

Spiderman to be rebootedagain


Posted 2015-03-04 by DamienRfollow
Sony and Marvel have teamed up to reboot Spiderman yet again. The reboot is tentatively scheduled for 2017, which will mean there will be three years between the Andrew Garfield Spiderman, and the new one. What do you think, are they beating a dead horse? Is dropping Garfield the right choice? Is this one reboot too many?

Flickr csztova Andrew Garfield TIFF 09 1 cropped by Flickr__csztova__Andrew_Garfield__TIFF_09_1.jpg derivative work Paulae talk Flickr__csztova__Andrew_Garfield__TIFF_09_1.jpg. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons httpcommons.wikimedia.orgwikiFileFlickr__csztova__Andrew_Garfield__TIFF_0927_1_cropped.jpgmediaviewerFileFlickr__csztova__Andrew_Garfield__TIFF_0927_1_cropped.jpg


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