Would you watch a reboot of the Tremors movie

Would you watch a reboot of the Tremors movie


Posted 2014-07-23 by DamienRfollow
I found this gem last night: Tremors Finally Getting a Reboot .

In case you don’t remember the Tremors movie, it was a horror/comedy (at least I think there was supposed to be a comedy aspect) about a small desert town where people start getting sucked into the ground and eaten by giant worms. Seriously. It starred Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Finn Cater, Micheal Gross and Reba McEntire. It was actually Reba’s first acting role outside of music videos. Here’s the trailer.

I realize we are now in a world of reboots, but is this going to attract any attention? Did you like the original, or even see the original? I’m a little perplexed here so I’m looking for some outside opinions.


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